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A top Verizon lingerie china executive repeatedly reached out and touched himself in front of a female employee while dressed in women’s lingerie, court papers charge.

Cheryll Harrell, 53, says that over a three-year period, Robert Esposito, 60, told her about his “lingerie fetish,” and then showed his lingerie – and more – to her.

Esposito denied the accusations in the Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

“I don’t know where she’s getting all this from. It sounds like she just has it in for me,” he told The Post last night.

At their Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, home, Esposito’s wife was visibly shaken by the fact that her husband was being sued for sexual harassment – even without knowing the details.

Walking out of earshot of his wife, Esposito said, “If someone has it in for you, you never know . . . ”

Verizon spokeswoman Heather Wilner declined to comment on the suit, but said the company had “taken action. Mr. Esposito is no longer with Verizon.”

Esposito said he retired from the company.

Harrell became central office supervisor in November 2003, which is when Esposito, the director of network operations, became her boss.

She said he soon subjected her to a “progressively pervasive, sexually hostile and offensive work environment,” including making “obscene and lewd comments” about her “breasts and buttocks.”

In June 2004, it went from bad to weird, the suit says. Esposito told Harrell he had a “lingerie fetish,” and “showed her a duffel bag full of women’s lingerie, which he said he enjoyed wearing.” He then told her he wanted to “get into your panties.”

Harrell said she repeatedly asked Esposito to stop, but was afraid to complain to higher-ups for fear she’d lose her job.

Harrell’s duties included once a month one-on-one meetings with Esposito, which he allegedly used for sex talk, asking if she would “watch him dress and undress in women’s lingerie.”

When she said no, Esposito allegedly decided to take matters into his own hands.

He called her into his office, and when she went in, he was “dressed in a black brassier, panties, stockings and heels. When she sought to leave, Esposito began making gyrating pelvic motions while proceeding to expose himself and to masturbate,” the suit says.

A threat to go to higher-ups temporarily stopped the insanity, but in the fall of 2005, Harrell was called into his office and again found him “dressed up in a bra and woman’s underpants,” the suit says.

When she said she was going to report him, he smiled, took out a sex toy from his duffel bag and mimicked oral sex, she alleges.

Harrell eventually sent an anonymous complaint about Esposito to a Verizon exec, and an investigation was launched after other women apparently complained, the suit says.

“We believe, at the very least, there were three or four other victims,” said Harrell’s lawyer, Christina Ullo. The suit says Esposito was allowed to resign.

The suit seeks monetary damages from Verizon for “fostering and condoning a sex-based hostile work environment” and causing Harrell “mental distress, anguish, pain and suffering.”

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Archival Clothing Roll-Top - Backpack | Highsnobiety

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Where have roll-top backpacks been all our lives? Do not remember seeing them growing up in the suburban wilds of of Eastpack and Jansport. Portland’s Archival Clothing delivers this one.

Like every good roll top bag, the height and amount of what you can stuff into it is variable, thanks to the lovely, rolling top. The leather strap and buckle add touches of class to a clean and sporing bag.

'Like all of our baggage, it’s made in china clothing wholesale Oregon by a family-owned sewing contractor’s shop, the same folks we’ve worked with from the start,'; Co-Owner and Lead Designer Tom Bonamici tells Well-Spent. 'It’s made from highly water resistant canvas duck, mil-spec cotton webbing, and Horween leather.';

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Shape Enhancing Underwear For Men - Get One Step Closer To Ultimate Body Confidence!

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Women's lingerie has been featured in print ads, commercials, and even in football games Wholesale Bikini; however, the topic of men's underwear is rarely brought up - save the customary Fruit of the Loom or Hanes ad. In particular, the subject of shape enhancing underwear for men is very rarely mentioned in the mainstream media. Contrary to what the popular opinion might be, most men do have options beyond the typical tightie whities. Shape enhancers can allow a man to feel more confident in his appearance and to have the body and silhouette he has always wanted.

Wearing shape enhancers is often kept secret for fear of other people finding out. And really.... having these products is no one business but your own. Taking a quick look around at the marketplace, you'll find several different kinds of products made to meet your different needs:

The cut of this kind of underwear can range from the popular brief style to that of long johns. It will generally feature inserts in the derriere region to create the illusion of a rounder bottom. A general rule of thumb is that silicone inserts are generally feel more "real" and life-like. You can find these products from retailers like Underworks and stores that specialize in body enhancing underwear like the men's section of Love My Bubbles.

Additionally, there are some types of men's underwear that will feature padding in the front to showcase the design of his equipment. It is not uncommon to find men's padded underwear that features compression panels in its design. These compression panels can be ideal for camouflaging a flabby stomach or for lending a more toned appearance to jiggling thighs. Most of these garments will be created from blends of cotton, mesh, Lycra, and nylon; however, most are designed specifically to "breathe" to ensure that the wearer will not become too hot or feel too constricted. You can find undergarments like these at retailers like Andrew Christian.

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Underwear - But by No Means Underwhelmed!

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Calvin Klein has long been quite the name when it comes to Wholesale Bikini for both men and women. Since time immemorial, the brand has been the leader in the market, with the innovative designs and exceptional quality that it offers its customers.

With all of these and more, it is no wonder why it has become quite an icon in the industry. What's more, the brand's advertising campaign features the top models in the industry, as well as celebrities and talents that have just been discovered.

Any model who is asked to endorse the underwear is certainly at the top of the game because Calvin Klein goes for models who make its products look all the more sexier and fashionable to the eye.

It was in 1982 when the foundation of the company was first built, with the finest designs for underwear for both men and women. It did not take long for the company to realize its role of changing how the world views underwear. Before Calvin Klein, men's underwear was just viewed as one of the many utilitarian products that are in use. But with the exposure given by Calvin Klein, men's underwear transformed into objects of desire. The advertising campaigns conveyed the message of men's underwear being sensual and updated in terms of design already. These were the qualities that first set the brand apart from others in the market.

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Want To Attract A Man? Try Wearing Red!

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Red has for ages been connected with being the color of love Wholesale Corsets , but the reason why is not to clear. A new study realizes the color red actually makes adult men more attracted to the women who wear this color.

We have seen red hearts enhancing Valentine Day cards, red roses regarding romance, red lingerie and sizzling red lipstick. These can be used to signify passion as well as seduction. Throughout the world in various cultures, red colors are connected to romance and sexual feelings.

In all the trials, women shown wearing or putting on red were scored significantly more appealing and sexually attractive by men compared to the exact same females shown with other colorings.cheap lingerie websites

Interestingly, when adult men were asked what they would spend on a woman on a date, women donning red proved more successful at getting the guy to spend more than he had originally intended.

Studies also revealed that adult men were much more likely to say yes to a woman wearing red. And they predicted they would spend almost twice as much on her compared to if she was wearing blue.

However, regardless of the clear effect, the guys in the research and testing said they felt that the color played little in their decisions. This suggests they were oblivious to the psychological power of red-colored.

However, the using of red could instigate other sensations and emotions. Studies suggest that the influence of the shade red can actually lead to more feelings of pain in aggressive situations. Red clothes on women can also considered as powerful (along with slightly threatening?) with regards to business power dressing.

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My Guide to Purchasing Erotic Lingerie On-line

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The internet can be a wonderful place to find your favorite wholesale Christmas costumes items. No more visiting the store or embarrassing moments with the clerks. If you know what you're doing, you can shop right from the comfort and secrecy of your home. And, maybe even have a little fun along the way.

Buying lingerie on-line is a wonderful way to add to your intimate clothing wardrobe. But, if you don't understand what you're doing, it can be more than a bit of a difficult experience. The following guidelines will help you to be well on your way to a pleasant on-line lingerie purchase. So, let's get started.

First of all, "where can I Get Lingerie Online?"

As a general rule, if you have a favorite store from which you usually purchase, it is worth seeing if they have a shop online. Just type the store name into a search engine, like Google or Yahoo. If you do not have a store that you prefer, however, simply type in the words lingerie, intimate apparel, or the name of the specific garment that you'd want to find. You should find many results from which to pick. Don't forget to shop around to get the best possible price. Many stores purchase from the same wholesaler, and it's very possible to find the item you are looking for at full price in one store and discounted at another.

There are a few things to keep in mind.

Don't whip out the credit card just yet. Of course, that corset is hot, but first make sure you're ready to buy. One of the biggest things you need to keep in mind is how it fits you. Since sizes do not run standard at all stores, you will need to check their sizing charts. Most of these go either by your bra and panties size, or most frequently by body measurements in inches. You can have a family member or close friend get your exact measurements using a flexible tape measure, or get ballpark figures by doing it yourself. This will give you the best idea of what size to buy.

The last and possibly most important thing to check is their return and exchange policy. While some stores do allow returns and exchanges on intimate apparel items, most do not. Due to the very intimate nature of lingerie, their requirements can often be quite restrictive, so it is extremely important to check ahead of time in case you decide later on that the piece will not work for you.

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Bikini Styles - Looking Good in a G-String Bikini

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Women, have you noticed how men look at women who are wearing a womens lingerie stores ? No matter what the bikini style, men usually like what they see. Maybe it's time for you to find out how to look good in a g-string bikini.

We all feel the pressure from our culture to have a great looking body. Most women would love to have a fantastic bikini body. Everyday we see advertisements on TV, in newspapers and magazines displaying women in skimpy swimsuits.

Would You Like to Have a Bikini Body?

You can look great in any style bikini fast! There is a way for you to accomplish this. You can make this work with an easy to follow fat loss program, moderate exercise, combined with a healthy diet. There is no costly equipment to buy, impossible to follow diet, or hours spent exercising.

It is proven, documented fact that you can achieve that bikini look with a fat burning, muscle building program based on the latest scientific facts. You just need to get on that program and achieve the look of your dreams fast.

So, if looking good in an g-string bikini is what you really want to do, then you need to take action now.

Motivation: Buying Your Bikini Online

It is always good to have a goal and something to keep you motivated to reach that goal. Your best motivation would be to buy that bathing suit now.

Buying a sexy swimsuit doesn't have to be hard. You don't even have to drive to the local mall and spend hours looking for the perfect bikini. You can find any swimsuit you want with just the click of your mouse.

Any time, day or night, you can shop from the comfort of your living room. You can even check out some of the sexiest, tiny bathing suits, without any embarrassment.

Think of it - shops open 24/7 and no pesky sales people. Shop at your leisure; taking your time to pick out the perfect swimsuit.

Why Would You Want To Buy Now?

Any goal is always easier to reach if you have something motivating you. By purchasing your bikini swimsuit now you have a physical object that you can not only look at, but touch and feel. You can hold it up and imagine how great you will look in it.

There is sexy swimwear for every woman, no matter size or shape. So much can be done with so little fabric! Take advantage of the promise of beauty, and the perfect adventure that bikinis offer.

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Useful Tips To Get The Correct Lingerie For A Girl

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Purchasing lingerie for her that not only suit her, but perhaps flatters you, is truly a very difficult job if you don't have any idea about this. Although it may be really confusing for you to select the right piece, but these techniques will surely assist you choose the correct piece - and the useful tips are discussed below. She will make your evening and also fulfill your wishes if things move perfectly.

Only some days left to experience that special event of your life, perhaps you should buy her lingerie and amaze her. Have you been sailing in the same boat in which nearly all men find it difficult to do this task? The perfect style and correct size lingerie can work wonders. Although you have planned something unique and passionate for your love, yet get the wrong size or even a style that doesn't flatter her body shape, and you'll be shot down faster than you can flicker.

Okay, before figuring out the way to choose lingerie for her, it is very important for everybody to realize that a girl is not similar to a guy. Guys will be guys and not a single person can stop them from fantasies and desires, that are satisfied by the adult gifts sold at adult stores. All you should do is, only go into the store and get what you wish. After all, you may head in and feel welcome, as well as keep away from most of the awkwardness of lingerie shopping. Hey, hold on, we need to stop at this point. The reality is, each woman looks sensuous, if and if only she feels alluring. Such adult stores present items that will leave your girlfriend tongue-tied since after wearing such badly fitted things she is going to look hefty or maybe extremely scrawny rather than making her look or feel sexy.

Seek advice from an experienced professional

When looking around for women's lingerie might appear kinky, but that shouldn't stop you from searching for it as there is no one who is actually curious about what you do. It is in fact your compassionate gesture that is shown if you purchase an item that she feels personal about. You should consider an expert's assistance and point of view in order to purchase the correct thing to make an impression on her. A salesperson could be the perfect guy in shops that may aid you in getting exactly what you are interested in. A sales person understands what points work well - because she understands the preferences of a lady. She has been the well wisher for many men who had been trying to find the perfect thing, therefore just don't waste your time, abide by what exactly she suggests you.

It is relatively less difficult for you to select the best size of lingerie, because the sizes are printed on the item itself. However before you shop for her, it is practical to look into the things she dons. The labels on her bras and panties have got the sizes printed that can easily facilitate you to get the correct fit. Normally, the bar size comprises a number that indicates her chest/shirt sizing then an alphabet A,B,C or perhaps D that indicate her cup size. But if you still can't figure out the measurement, you can talk to your female friend to assist you provided she seems comfortable to talk about these points. Or the perfect thing is, take one of your girl's brassieres in the retail outlets and the salesman will assist you to find the appropriate one. Be tactful in your process no matter which one you have chosen.

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A good time to Shop in Seoul sexy costumes cheap ?

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A good time to Shop in Seoul sexy costumes cheap ? Style Irene Ellie Says Following Midnight

Suitable for the foreign potential buyers and publishers who go to Seoul Fashion Week each year, zero trip is certainly complete with out a visit to Wholesale Bikini one of many city's well known night market segments, where hotteok pancakes and also other Korean block snacks live alongside very affordable apparel. There, a great after-hours store shopping spree quite often yields an extraordinary haul of oversize jeans and streamlined faux-fur training collars, but the difficult task of turning your way through others and among the list of narrow timber stalls may be deeply daunting. Enter Irene Kim, the Korean style and block style superstar, who is a professional at browsing through the local shijang—Dongdaemun, in particular, which in turn remains the primary shopping industry. It's the sole place in the earth that I've truly seen where you could shop right up until 5: 00 in the morning dry, she says. Very well, you could be intoxicated. You can get several soju and kimchi hotcakes at the pojangmacha, then choose shop once again! Here, Ellie shares several secrets to shopping evening market such as a local.

Time is everything. The financial markets are so great because that they open for 10: 00 p. meters. to the public—when the store shopping startsat 15: 00 l. m., that kind of offers you an idea of what they have like—and that goes for hours, until just like 5: 00 a. meters. It does acquire very congested. Peak period is probably one particular: 00 a. m. —I know, they have crazy, proper? —so I start at regarding 11: 00 p. meters. or even night time.

Come well prepared. When you arrive to Seoul, bring a whole lot of bags that one could load up your garments in mainly because you will definitelyfind really entertaining pieces that one could layer with things you own at home. They certainly take charge cards, but they have obviously far better to go with funds. If I pay for cash, I would try to bargain a little bit. They certainly expect that, and they most certainly try to overcharge foreigners, consequently be careful.

Begin from the top straight down. Dongdaemun is certainly multiple flooring surfaces: The primary floor is certainly basic everyday, and then they have men's, can certainly, kids, fashion accessories, shoes. I will start from the most notable at fashion accessories and shoes and boots, and just operate your way throughout the escalator.

Apparent your program. An hour is certainly not enough! You will to could be half a floorboards. Go for for least two or three—there are flooring surfaces and flooring surfaces of clothes, shoes and boots, bags, cosmetic, and then in the middle of the properties are the pojangmacha, which are joints with Korean language junk food.

Gwangjang MarketPhoto: alasynrose> Try to find basics. To the first floorboards, I get yourself a lot of principles. It's genuinely, really cheap—like three tee shirts for $15, so I'm going to get one in every single color. I'm going to pick up tights, knits, plant tops, and denim. You will discover pieces I will mix with designer labels, only to layer up.

Keep it tiny. It's a ultimate solution for you with a few good friends, maybe a couple, because you get weighed down in there. When you are with a population group, you just lose your direction.

Make relationships. Outside the key market, you will discover other properties that only let wholesale. These are the good retailers, but you must travel with an individual in the know to get in—and since they simply allow comprehensive, you have to acquire more than one part. I have this kind of lingerie glide dress i bought in two hues because My spouse and i loved that so much. They have where each of the Korean stores in Hongdae, Garosu-gil, Myeongdong, and even potential buyers from China may come and buy everything—it's huge.

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sexy costumes cheap

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Victoria's sexy costumes cheap Secret under fire for suggesting women wear lingerie to work

Victoria's Secret latest trend has backfired. The lingerie company came under fire for saying lingerie should be considered appropriate attire for the work place. Their new ad suggests women find new ways to take their lingerie "outside." But many of the company's customers are not happy with the idea of wearing sexy clothes to work. "Not a look for outside at all. Unfortunately the teens will think this is ok now. What would you be selling with this look?" one Facebook user commented.

“This get up is not appropriate for public wear,” another user wrote. “Stop it, Victoria’s Secret. I love your brand, but your advertising is ridiculous!” One added, "No way would I wear that like that out in public," while another noted, "Also id rather spend my money on more clothes and not one piece of underwear!" Advertisement On Our Radar Carrie's shocking autopsy results TMZ HUGE 'GOT' reveal Elite Daily Actor goes berserk TMZ What happened to 'Prairie' star? TMZ Brooke Hogan: I need help TMZ Sharon Osbourne: He's a pig TMZ Abercrombie in hot water Elite Daily How Drew recovered Pop Crush Trending in Entertainment Suspected drunken driver crashes into Texas home featured on 'Fixer Upper' 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' slings $117 million debut Michael Jackson's first molestation accuser is being sought by lawyers Carrie Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, named beneficiary of estate as final assets are revealed See All Trends

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